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Classic DOOM 3 Original Mod Soundtrack
Filename: cdoom3_music.zip

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41.8 MB
Sonic Clang
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Average User Rating: 6.9
Number of Votes: 694
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Classic DOOM 3 Original Mod Soundtrack - File Description  

The Zip file includes the full soundtrack from the Classic DOOM 3 mod in high-quality MP3 format (192Kbps). All tracks were composed and performed by Sonic Clang with the exception of E1M9 whose credit goes to Thumpmonk.

Running Time: 30'48"

Classic DOOM 3 Original Mod Soundtrack - Screenshots  
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Classic DOOM 3 Original Mod Soundtrack - File Download Options  

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Download from Worldwide Mirror by FileFront Download Classic DOOM 3 Original Mod Soundtrack!

Classic DOOM 3 Original Mod Soundtrack - Readme  
Readme File:
Hello, Sonic Clang (Brian Kline) here. What you have in your possession is a zip file containing all the songs from the Doom 3 mod 'Classic Doom 3'. I made every song but E1M9, which was made by Thumpmonk. The process started in March of 2005 and I was finally done around September of 2005.

Iíd like to talk a little bit about each song if you donít mind. If you donít want to read this, just close it and listen to the music. For anyone whoís interested, Iíll give a little info on the making of. ?

Classic Doom 3 Theme song:
I initially started making this song in November of 2004 for heXumís 'Executive Quarters' level for Doom 3. It was my first crack at recording real live drums. Before this I had only programmed drums. heXum and I went for a while without any communications and I thought he had dropped the EQ project and in the meantime Gazz from Flaming Sheep Software contacted me about making the music for their mod. They said they wanted a theme song that would fit the style of the old Doom music and I said 'Hey, Iíve got this song Iíve been working on that probably wonít get usedÖ yad yada' so I kept working on it for another month to end up with what youíre hearing now. Soon after finishing the song up, heXum e-mailed me and asked if I had that song doneÖ woops. Thankfully I had a version he could use and a version we could use in cdoom so they wouldnít sound exactly the same. In the end everyone was happy.

Of course this was the song everyone was waiting for. I think this is the song people think of when they think of Doom music. If I messed this one up people wouldnít even care how the other tracks sounded.
I actually started working on this song the weekend Gazz first contacted me. He asked for a sample of this. I worked 8 hours straight JUST recording the lead guitars. After sending him the sample of what I recorded they accepted me into their team, but I re-recorded everything again because I wasnít happy with it. Through a pain staking process I finally figured out how to get a better drum sound and finally the song started to sound like something.
I pretty much was going for shock on this one. When people would load up the first level I wanted their jaws to drop. Thatís where I got to the idea to do the little shred at the beginning. The rest of the song is pretty much an exact remake of the original except it was played on real instruments.
This is definitely one of my favorite songs in the game.

This is one of those 'atmosphere' songs that people really donít think much about when they think about the Doom music, but it adds so much to this level. To me, this song is just as much 'Doom' as E1M1. But I wasnít quite sure how I wanted to go about recreating it. I was thinking 'NIN Ė The Fragile' on this one. It has a bass guitar, but everything else is very synthesized. The first thing I did was played bass guitar to replace the bass line that was in the original. That alone changed the sound quite a bit. Then it was on to the drums. At first I actually tried playing them on my set, but humans vary in tempo just slightlyÖ just slightly enough to throw off the feel of a song like this. So I decided to record my snare and kick drum and use those 'samples' in place of the ones in the original. The only thing I redid after that was the low strings that go side to side. I actually recreated all of those by hand. After I had all that in there I listened to it and didnít really think it needed much more. This was one of the fastest songs to get redone.

This would be another one of those 'atmosphere' songs. I used some of the tricks I learned when I remade E1M5 (I didnít make these songs in order) on this one. I was able to use the original midi, put it through my keyboard, change sounds to whatever I wanted them to be, pan instruments left/rightÖ it was all real easy but effective. Again I used my own drum samples for the drums.
I always feel like each song, no matter if itís in a game or on the radio, has its own 'gimmick'. That one thing that makes the song unique. In this song I felt that one thing was the hi-hat and cymbal work that come in half way through the song. I knew I couldnít use anything programmed for that, it just wouldnít feel right. I decided that Iíd actually play them on my set. The first crack at it was pretty much testing out ideas. 'How did I want to play them' I had to ask myself. My friend Pete came over the next day and pointed out what he felt were the strong points. So I concentrated on what he suggested. With him in the control room at the computer, I went into the live room and played what I felt fit best. It just so happened that my first take was my best and we ended up going with it. Itís not too often I go with the first take of anything. Iím proud of how this song turned out. It has some synth stuff and some stuff played by hand.

The rock songs were all created 100% from scratch. I didnít use anything from the originals in E1M1, E1M4, E1M6, or E1M8.
This song sounds easy enough on the surface, but have you ever tried playing these drums??? I actually had to print out the sheet music and play along reading it. But there was something missing from the original. During the little rests between phrases, Bobby used cymbals, or rested completely. Redone with real instruments it sounded kind of boring and plain. So I had to make up fills on the drums to put in those spots. Theyíre not complicated, but they definitely add to the song. Besides the drums everything else was easy. The guitars and bass fell right into place. But one night after getting all the music recorded I was lying in bed and I couldnít help thinking the song needed something, it needed one more component to be complete. As I was falling asleep I was listening to the song in my head and for some reason, out of nowhere, I heard an air raid siren during the 'chorus'. The next day I found a sample of one on the internet and threw it in. I loved it! ?

This song by far was the easiest to remake. It was actually the first song I completed for this project. I used all the old midi to play my keyboard. I transposed parts, created new harmonies, changed sounds, panned soundsÖ I loved how it was sounding, but I felt I was cheating a little too much, so I thought Iíd throw something in there played by hand. Thatís when I picked up my guitar and started jamming. I came up with a part and recorded it. I think the guitar in this song gives it almost a 'James Bond' type feel. Someone else said it sounds like music from 'The Matrix'.

This was one of my least favorite songs from the original game. I always thought it sounded kind of cheesy. But holy crap when I first listened to the whole thing after I recorded the drums, guitars, and bass, I never knew this song would rock so much ass! It turned out REALLY cool! Very rockiní. The only thing I didnít get done the first night was the opening chord. I had no idea how I was going to do it, until the second night when I actually figured the chord out on the guitar. Itís nothing I could play live, but in the studio with my foot up on something and the guitar pulled up into my chin I was able to hit all the notes. The only thing was that the chord didnít sustain long enough. It needed to come in strong, fade off a little, and then come back thunderous as the drums did the fast beginning fill. So I recorded the chord, and then simply reversed it and lined it up with exactly where the guitars come in. It turned out perfect! The chord hits, fades out just long enough, and then thunders back in.
The only other complicated part in this song was that opening fill on the drums. Iíve never considered myself to be a drummer. Iím a guitarist who happenes to be able to play the drums. The one thing Iíve never practiced was fast fills. But I knew I couldnít program this, and I also knew I HAD to get it right on. I didnít really like what Bobby programmed for the original, so I just jammed. Over and over I tried figuring something out, and just when I thought all hope was lost I got it. I hit record and did it perfect my first try. That was mid summer, if you asked me to do that fill now Iíd have absolutely no idea how I did it. :D

Iíve never liked this song. I feel itís one of the weakest songs in the original game. When I first showed the guys what I came up with after a nightís work, the first comment I got was 'That actually sounds quiteÖ horrible.' The saw tooth lead that goes through the whole song was just awful, like nails on a chalkboard. I hated it! So I decided to replace it with something a little more smoothÖ the piano. I didnít just want to do a single note the whole time, so I transposed the part an octave and had the high part coming in and out to compliment the bottom note. That was really the most thinking I did in the song. It turned out better than the original but I still donít like this song very much. ? Sorry Bobby.

Ahh yes, E1M8. Besides E1M1 this was always my favorite. That lead 'guitar' just killed me back when I first played the game. I had been saving this song for last and I just couldnít wait to get going on it. But I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do for it. The original was pretty thin in the rhythm section. The only real rhythm part going under the lead was the choir sound, and I didnít want to do that. After I got to thinking, the only part I wanted to use was the lead. But then what to do for the rhythm??? I picked up my guitar and just started jamming to the original song. For this one I was thinking 'Type O Negative' all the way. So I tuned my guitar WAY down and just started cranking out some power chords. It was starting to shape up in my head, I was finally starting to see where I could take this song. I recorded what I had for rhythm guitar ideas and walked away for a couple days. When an idea is new itís like a baby, you have to get it grow up.
When I came back to it a few days later I knew exactly what I wanted to do for the drums and guitars. After I had them all recorded I pulled out my keyboard and started figuring out some string parts for the choruses. I wanted the first and second chorus to be different so your ear would have something new to listen to as the song went on. I had the idea of following the lead guitar on a lone string note for the first chorus, and then for the second chorus just play some chords. Iím all about harmonies and finding melodies in stuff, the string stuff was pretty easy. I felt there was still something missing though. I thought piano would go great during the first verse, so I threw that down. Then I listened to the whole song and I swear to God and everything that is holy I heard piano during the chorusÖ but I hadnít recorded any yet. I stopped the song and listened to the chorus again and still I SWORE I heard piano. I decided to figure out what I was hearing so I could actually record it because it was so cool! Everything just added up on this song. Everything just sounds right. I took the most artistic liberties on this one and Iím the most proud of it. I even made up my own ending in a very 'Type O Negative' style. We released it the week before we released version 1.0 of the mod and it was number one for the week on d3files.com almost the entire week. That was a huge accomplishment for me. All the hard work was starting to pay off.

Recording these songs has been an extremely rewarding experience. Iíve met a lot of really great people, albeit online, but still very cool people. I learned a hell of a lot about recording music. I was still figuring out how to record real drums when I started out. I hadnít worked in a mod team in years. There were some frustrating times, but the rewards far outweigh the bad times. I had to spend a lot of time away from my wife and Iím glad she was so understanding. Many other wives would not let their husbands spend so much time on something heís not getting paid for. For that Iím extremely grateful.

There has been so much talk over the years about how certain songs in Doom were inspired by other artists. Everyone knows 'E1M1' was inspired by 'No Remorse' from Metallica, and there are others. But what people donít realize is that there are songs on the radio every single day that either sound like other songs or were inspired by them. People make such a big deal about the Doom songs sounding like a Metallica song, but it really isnít uncommon at all. You find inspiration in those who inspire you. When you write your own stuff you canít help but have that affect you. In remaking these songs I was inspired by bands that I listen to. Dream Theater, NIN, Type O Negative, Slipknot. Itís a circle that never really ends.

And finally, once again I dedicate my work on this mod to one of my greatest heroes, Dimebag Darrell. His music changed my life. Everything Iíve written after hearing 'Vulgar Display' has been influenced by him. RIP Dimebag.

SonicClang AT Charter DOT net.

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