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Infernal Death Orgy (1.4)
Filename: infernal_death_orgy_v14.zip

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43.47 MB
Mods > Single Player

Average User Rating: 8.2
Number of Votes: 22
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Infernal Death Orgy (1.4) - File Description  

Infernal Death Orgy is a mod that improves Doom3 in many different ways. It makes Doom3 more realistic, better looking, and slightly more difficult and it does all this without meddling with the game's atmosphere or causing noticeable performance loss. The previous version wasn't very popular; since then, I have made changes that address what people didn't like (see Readme), I also moved all the silly content into a separate pack which is now completely optional.

This mod is a good choice for both experts and people about to play Doom3 for the first time. The easy difficulty level (MELLOW) is good for beginners, and the hard difficulty level (MERCILESS) will challenge experienced players who want to replay Doom3 at a higher level. If MERCILESS isn't tough enough for you, try using the optional UltraViolence pack and/or SpeedDemons pack for an extremely difficult game.

If you play my mod, please vote for it!

Infernal Death Orgy (1.4) - File Download Options  

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Worldwide Mirror by FileFront
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Download from Worldwide Mirror by FileFront Download Infernal Death Orgy!

Infernal Death Orgy (1.4) - Readme  
Readme File:

This mod works with the 1.3 patch. If my mod doesn't work for you, leave a post on the mod's page at doom3.filefront.com. Leaving a message might help others if they get the same problem, which makes it a better choice than sending me email. Like just about everyone else who makes free game mods, I am not responsible if my mod wrecks your computer.

If you play my mod, please vote for its score at doom3.filefront.com. It only takes half a minute. The last version of this mod was downloaded 551 times and only received 26 votes.

Other mod makers may use anything they want from my mod. I made it a point to include notes to show what changes I made. Mod makers will often see the following in the files I modified with notepad:
//BENZO: me making a comment about a change I made.
//R: I removed this line.

My computer is:
AMD Athlon64 2800+, 1GB RAM, ATI Radeon 9800 Pro video card (256MB RAM version)
My 3dMark 2005 score: 2895 (go to www.futuremark.com to get this program)


Extract infernal_death_orgy_v14.zip and drop the extracted files into your Doom 3 folder. Run Doom3, click MODS at the main menu and click IDOv14.

I included Eutectic's cleaned paks in my mod. I predict that using Eutectic's cleaned paks will increase the game's performance a little bit by preventing useless junk from being loaded into RAM. By following these installation instructions, Eutectic's clean paks will be put into the 'Doom 3/base' folder. Therefore they will benefit plain Doom3 as well as IDO and other mods you have. If these paks seem to cause any problems, cut them out of the 'Doom 3/base' folder and paste them into the 'Doom 3/IDOv14' folder.


1. Demons move around at a faster rate. I raised the framerate of their walking, running, crawling, flying, and teleporting animations from 24 to 36, which makes them 50% faster. Zombies don't get this speed boost.

2. Monster sight animations are removed completely. Monsters will not roar, scream, or howl when they sight you. In more than one instance in Doom3 you can see monsters kill their victims with surprise ambushes. Why should they give YOU special treatment by intentionally alerting you to their presence?

3. Monsters inflict more damage with stationary melee attacks. Low rank demons inflict an additional 50% and high rank demons infict double damage. Imps are the exception because I didn't boost their melee damage. I didn't increase the damage of lunging attacks because those are much more difficult to avoid.

4. Kick_time from some larger monster attacks have been increased. Kick_time controls how long your aim is thrown off when you are hit. When you get swatted by a Hellknight you will notice the difference!

5. Braindead zombies have MUCH more health, but their attacks inflict only half as much damage. They also don't receive the movement speed boost the other monsters do. In Doom3 one thing that didn't make sense to me was the difference in behavior between plain zombies and zsec zombies. When the invasion begins in Mars City Underground, you see two different people get transformed into zombies. The first victim is the scientist you were sent to find. A ghostly flying skull thingy invades his body, he quickly zombifies, and then attacks you. After killing him off, you can see a security guard being victimized and zombified in the exact same manner on one of the computer screens. What doesn't make sense is that the zsec zombies can run, dodge, use firearms, and communicate with eachother in some sort of evil language. Meanwhile all the other zombies are completely braindead as they walk lethargically toward you so they can swat you, moaning and groaning unintelligibly all the time. If I knew a lot more about computer programming and using modeling programs, I would change the braindead zombies. I would make them much more mobile and aggressive. They would run right at you and start frantically beating you off. No wait, I mean beating you up. They wouldn't be nearly as dangerous as the muscular, eight foot tall tentacled zombie commandos, but their AI would be almost identical. For now the zombie situation remains the same: the floaty ghost skulls transformed all their victims into undead zombies, with the exception of security guards which they merely possessed instead.

6. The weapons used by various zsec zombies, zombie chaingunner commandos, and the chainsaw zombie have exactly the same characteristics as the weapons Doomguy uses. The exceptions are that their weapons don't inflict as much damage, and some of their weapons have less knockback.

7. Imps, Hellknights, and Mancubus throw fireballs at higher velocity, but with slightly reduced accuracy. As mortal creatures they have imperfect aim, but they are still remarkably accurate.

8. Pinky gets a 50% health increase instead of the 50% running speed increase I bestowed upon the other demons.I found Pinky to be far too annoying to deal with when he could outrace me. Pinky will no longer waste time by stopping to roar at you in the middle of kombat.

9. Ticks move about very quickly. This makes them different than Trites in more than just appearance.

10. All boss monsters have more health.

11. The Cyberdemon can now be hurt by all weapons (instead of being vulnerable only to the Soul Cube).

12. Monsters that teleport in don't bounce nearby objects as high.


1. The quantity of ammo various ammo pickups yield now equals the amount of visible ammo on the ground. For example, in plain Doom3 picking up what appears to be a carton of 4 grenades or 4 rockets somehow gave you 5 grenades or rockets. Now what you see is what you get. Also in plain Doom3, picking up a clip for your machinegun or plasmagun only gives you half as much ammo as the weapon's clipsize. This is also corrected.

2. For weapons without GUIs you can't see how many shots are left in your current clip.

3. The severity of the 'doublevision' effect is directly proportional to the amount of damage inflicted to you (20 milliseconds for each point of damage, and 10 milliseconds for splash damage because splash damage varies depending on distance from the damage source). Doublevision is the screen blurring you see when you take damage and represents being disoriented by pain.

4. Bob_pitch is increased, but you only affected by it while running. Bob_pitch makea your view shake up and down you run around. In plain Doom3 bob_pitch is at such a low amount that it is almost unnoticeable.

5. Your oxygen supply is tripled. Oxygen tanks refill your oxygen entirely. If you run out of oxygen you die immediately. When suffocating, people don't suffer permanent damage and subsequent death until after losing consciousness.

6. Considering how deadly and durable a sentry bot is, it's hard to imagine how the demons invaded the base so easily. In plain Doom3 you could follow the bot along and watch them kill everything in their path. Now that I have reduced their health, sentry bots are like teammates rather than bodyguards.


Since the last version of IDO I have learned a bit about modern firearms by reading wikipedia.org. I have changed the pistol, shotgun, machinegun, and chaingun to be similar to their modern equivalents. Looking back at the weapons in plain Doom3, they seem inferior to modern weapons because they have slower rates of fire, the projectiles have lower velocity, and they spew a tremendous amount of muzzle smoke. To compensate for improvements I made to the weapons, I have reduced the damage they inflict.

- No longer cause visible wounds and can't gib.

2. PISTOL: (similar modern weapon: Sig P228)
- The pistol has been changed into a semi-automatic weapon. Semi-automatic means the gun will fire once for each pull of the trigger. Holding fire will no longer make the weapon fire repeatedly.
- Damage reduced 10 (was 14 in plain Doom3).
- Firing rate has been significantly increased (if you click fast enough, which is easy considering the pistol only fires 2.5 rounds per second in plain Doom3).
- Has a laser sight and tracers to assist aiming. I tweaked the targeting on the laser sight to make it as accurate as possible.
- Damage increased to 20 (was 15 in plain Doom3).
OVERALL EFFECTIVENESS: About the same in singleplayer, increased significantly in multiplayer (although it remains the weakest weapon).

3. SHOTGUN: (similar modern weapon: Mossberg 590 'Compact Cruiser')
- Firing rate increased slightly.
- Spread reduced from the ridiculous default of 22 degrees to a still very wide 11 degrees. In plain multiplayer the shotgun's spread in 11.
- Pellet damage reduced to 9 (was 14 in plain Doom3).
- Reloads only one shell at a time.
- Has a circle laser sight.
OVERALL EFFECTIVENESS: decreased slightly in both singleplayer and multiplayer.

4. MACHINEGUN: (similar modern weapon: two FN P-90s stuck together)
- Fires two bullets simultaneously that do 6 damage each instead of a single bullet that does 9 damage. If you look carefully at the machinegun in Doom3 you can see that it appears to fire two projectiles simultaneously from two side by side gun barrels. I also changed the muzzle smoke particle so you can see smoke exiting both gun barrels.
- Has a laser sight and tracers to assist aiming. I tweaked the targeting on the laser sight to make it as accurate as possible.
- Recoils in the same direction as the plasmagun. Both of these weapons are braced against the shoulder and therefore should recoil similarly. The recoil induced shaking in now in sync with each shot.
- Fires two bullets simultaneously that do 7 damage each instead of a single bullet that does 12 damage.
OVERALL EFFECTIVENESS: About the same because the small damage increase compensates for the effectively smaller clip size.

5. CHAINGUN: (similar modern weapon: General Electric XM214 minigun)
- Damage reduced to 12 (was 20 in plain Doom3).
- Firing rate increased to 960 rounds per minute (default was about 514 rounds per minute).
- Can hold up to four belts of 100 bullets at once.
- Longer spin-up and spin-down times.
- The recoil induced shaking in now in sync with each shot.
- Damage decreased from 25 to 12 (the same as singleplayer).
- Spread increased from 1 to 5 (the same as singleplayer).
OVERALL EFFECTIVENESS: The larger clip size makes the chaingun better in prolonged fights, but otherwise the overall effectiveness is unchanged. In multiplayer, the chaingun is significantly weaker because of the reduced damage, reduced accuracy, and longer spin-up time.

- Much less bouncy.
- Lighter so you can throw them a little bit farther.
- Much larger blast radius.
- Nifty strobe light added.
- Many mods have made it so grenades no longer explode upon contact with an enemy. I chose not to do this for two reasons. First of all, it would make grenades even worse in multiplayer. Secondly, the idea of grenades that can detect organic matter upon contact doesn't seem very far fetched given that this game occurs 140 years in the future.
OVERALL EFFECTIVENESS: increased moderately.

- Damage increased to 20 (was 16 in plain Doom3).
- Plasma balls have a small blast radius, so don't use it when very close to your enemy.
- Increased projectile velocity by 50%.
- Clipsize reduced to 25 (default was 50).
- Slight recoil and spread added. The spread actually seems to be a slight advantage when you are trying to shoot down enemy projectiles.
OVERALL EFFECTIVENESS: About the same in singleplayer because the small damage increase compensates for the reduced ammo capacity. The projectile velocity increase makes the plasmagun slightly better in multiplayer.

- Semi-automatic like the pistol and shotgun.
- Rocket speed reduced by 50%.
- Slash damage reduced by 25%.
- The splash inflicts as much damage to you as it does to your enemies.
OVERALL EFFECTIVENESS: Unchanged in singleplayer. In multiplayer it is significantly weaker because the rockets are much slower, and it's easier to accidentily kill yourself in the blast.

9. BFG:
- Won't hurt you if you overcharge it. Overcharging will still waste your ammo, but in a cloud of green smoke instead of a deadly explsoion. When you press the trigger you will hear a series of four beeps. The BFG uses one shot of ammo for each beep you hear before releasing the trigger. The BFG does not damage you when you shoot an enemy at close range. I didn't understand why a BFG blast wouldn't hurt you if you stood near a wall and shot it, yet the blast would indeed hurt you if you shot a monster at close range.
- The blast radius has been increased significantly (to 15 meters, just as stated in the BFG video disk).

- Damage reduced to 30 (default was 50). Even with this damage reduction, the chainsaw inflicts damage faster than shooting your enemy with fully automatic machinegun fire.

11. FLASHLIGHT has its damage reduced from 40 to 20. Can't gib.

12. SOULCUBE has no changes.

By the way, here are some of the internet pages I read to learn about weapons:



1. Duration of bullethole, scorch, blood decals increased to 60 seconds.

2. I revised many different particles. Many explosions, muzzlesmokes, and bloodsprays look different (and in my opinion, much better). Here is the complete list of changed and new particles:

gibwound (by Denton)
bulletsmokeandspark (by Denton)
rocketexplosion (by Denton)
grenadeexplosion (by Denton)
bfgexplosion (from Battleready 1.5, modified by me, Benzo)
barrelexplosion (by Denton)
manc_fireball (made this blueish)
manc_explosion (made this blueish)
burn_imp (by Denton)
burn_imp_large (by Denton)
rockettrail (by Denton)
mgmuzzlesmoke (smokes from both barrels)
grenadetrail (by Denton)

3. Uses wound decals from Dr.Bloodv1.0a by Baris Caglar.

4. I made new bullethole and rocket impact decals.

5. Uses skin from SDChainsawBlood by SilentDeath.

6. Uses Kev's 22nd century flashlight mod. You can toggle between three different levels of brightness with the reload key.

7. Includes Brilliant Highlights 0.40b by Maha_x. This small file really makes the game look better in my opinion.


All sound changes are modified or unmodified files from Doom3, Trent Reznor sound pack, and Denton's mod. I didn't transplant any sounds from other computer games.

1. You can hear the ultra-sexy sound of your bullets punching into the flesh of your enemies. These sounds are from the Trent Reznor sound pack. I also made a sound for rockets exploding in flesh. This feature really gets me moist!

2. When you try to fire a weapon containing an empty clip, you will hear the appropriate 'dryfire' sound.

3. In plain Doom3 only pistol clips, shotgun shells, and machinegun clips had their own distinctive pickup sounds. I made new sounds for ammo belts, BFG cells, plasma cannisters, grenades, and rockets. So now every type of ammo has its own distinctive sound.

4. In plain Doom3 most of the weapons used the same pickup sound. Now you will be able to tell which weapon you just picked up by the sound you hear.

5. Replaced many weapon sounds with sounds from Denton's mod.

6. New sounds for player, imps, zombies, and zombie commandos taken from Trent Reznor soundpack.

7. Music transplants from The Dark Side of Phobos. I modified some of this music a little bit to make it fit into the amount of time available. The authors of this musical project composed some bitchin phat beats quite worthy of being burned to CD. The following describes what The Dark Side of Phobos is:

The Dark Side of Phobos is a 23 track, two disk album with
remixes of music from the original DooM game for the PC. It
is an official Overclocked Remix site project ( http://www.ocremix.org ).

It is distributed in two formats: .mp3 and .flac. Flac is
a lossless audio format similar to mp3 except there is no
loss of quality during the compression. As a result, the file
sizes are larger than mp3s (around 25-30 mb) but smaller than
the average wav file. For more information on flac files, check
out the official website at http://flac.sourceforge.net.

For more information, check out the official project website
at http://doom.ocremix.org

-navid azeez (mythril nazgul)
project director


1. Improved weapons indicator on the lower right of your hud. This changes a previously useless row of dots into something usefull. I reckon everybody will appreciate this little change.


First of all, here is list of things I dislike about multiplayer Doom3:

1. You are almost completely powerless until you can locate a weapon better than your pistol.
2. Because damage from your own explosive weapons is scaled down tremendously, you can shoot somebody point-blank with a rocket launcher without having to worry about losing a point for suicide.
3. Getting killed within 2 seconds of respawning is annoying. You don't get spawned far away from your enemies, and you also don't get a little bit of time invulnerable.
4. Killing an opponent by shooting a nearby explosive barrel or blasting an opponent over the edge to their falling death gives them a suicide instead of giving you a point.
5. The berserk powerup increases the damage of all your weapons, not just your fists.

I have made the following adjustments to multiplayer:

1. The pistol is better because of it's increased rate of fire. It is still inferior to the other weapons, but it doesn't suck as much.

2. Your explosive weapons do as much splash damage to you as they do to your opponents.

3. Running and walking speed are no longer increased, so players run around at the same speed as in singleplayer. People who like deathmatch wicked fast will think this idea sucks. Other people, me included, prefer deathmatch at a slower, less hectic pace.

4. Pistol, shotgun, and machinegun laser sights are turned off. Every laser sight and weapon mounted flashlight mod I have seen has had problems with the light being displayed in the wrong place when seen from third person perspective.

6. I thought the plasmagun was rather weak in multiplayer, so I made it better by increasing its projectile velocity by 50%.

7. Because your targets move faster in multiplayer than in singleplayer, I decided to be nice and give you back your crosshair.


To use the stuff in the {{{ OPTIONAL GOODIES }}} folder all you need to do is copy the file you want to include and paste it into your Doom 3\IDOv14 folder.

1. pak999_Lewdicrous_Pack.pk4
This pack contains many new sounds and images to make Doom 3 rather crazy and absurd. If you have a twisted sense of humor like I do, then you might want to invest in some diapers or rubber underwear before using this pack.

2. Speed Demons
This pack makes all demon combat animations are boosted by 50%, making them much fiercer fighters. Doesn't improve zombies in any way, it affects only the hideous creatures that spawn forth from the bowels of hell.

3. Ultra-Violence
This enables random monster spawning. The code that makes this work was taken from the Double Doom3 v2.1(final) mod by Mausus Atlas and modified slightly by me. In my opinion, this optional pack kicks buttocks. It also makes the game significantly more difficult.


1. Uses the new gamex86.dll from Denton's SDK Enhancement.

2. Reloading doesn't make you lose all the leftover ammo in the ejected clip. I suspect this feature may have annoyed a few people who played previous versions of my mod.

3. Reverted back to the normal amount of g_armorprotection. It was annoying having to remember to open the console and reset it manually EVERY time a new level was loaded while playing on hard difficulty. Because armor was absoloutely essential to survival in IDOv13, it also warped game balance in multiplayer and pretty much made any map without much or any armor in it impossible to complete. A fine example of such a map containing no armor is Damnatio Memoriae. That was a good map by the way, and I will definitely play the sequel when it becomes available.

4. Moved all silly stuff into a separate pack.

5. Changed the flashlight mounted on the machinegun into a laser sight.

6. Modified monster AI scripts to make them meaner.

7. A bunch of tweaks to def files.

8. Changed some particles a little bit and added a few more particles.

9. Scaled bullethole decals depending on the weapon's caliber.

10. Dumped the flashlight from the URTL mod in favor of the flashlight from Kev's 22nd Century Flashlight mod.

11. Revised documentation to make it more complete and up to date.

12. A bunch of other stuff I can't remember.


1. XIO'S SKINPACK (xiosp5.1.zip)

Xio's Skinpack is my favorite skinpack for Doom 3 and I recommend downloading it. However the most recent version of Xio's Skinpack comes packaged with stuff from other mods that contradict the work I have done in IDO. Therefore, this extra stuff needs to be deleted. Here is how to do it all:

1. Download xiosp5.1.zip.
2. Extract it then rename 'Xio's Skinpack 5.1.pk4' to 'aa_Xio's Skinpack 5.1.pk4'.
3. Open Xio's Skinpack 5.1.pk4 with Winzip or Winrar or whatever zipping program you use.
4. Delete the following folders in the archive: dds/textures folder, def folder, fx folder, materials folder, particles folder, sounds folder, textures folder.
6. Delete the following files because they are faulty:
7. Exit and drop 'AA_Xio's Skinpack 5.1.pk4' into the IDOv14 folder.

Denton's SDK Based Enhancement For Doom3
Brilliant Highlights 0.40b by Maha_x
Trent Reznor soundpack
DOOM 3 Laser Site Mod by kurt'commander_keen'loeffler
Dr.Bloodv1.0a by Baris Caglar
Kev's 22nd Century Flashlight by Kevin Brown
Double v2.1 by Mausus Atlas

Bogz Dollox Doom V2
bog_decal_mod by Boglito
JAPM_fixed by d4r34lm0n60
BattleReady v1.5 by Trojanman190
a bunch of other mods I forgot to mention


my email = benzostanbury AT comcast DOT net



Audacity (sound editor) - http://audacity.sourceforge.net/
GIMP (graphics editor) - http://www.gimp.org/
The Compressonator (converting to DDS images) - http://www.ati.com/developer/compressonator.html
Beyond Compare (finding differences between text files) - www.scootersoftware.com?







Infernal Death Orgy (1.4) - User Comments  
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 Expand#3 - Posted by: Scorian (Member) - 01-24-2006 at 00:17

 Expand#4 - Posted by: hobo_joe (Member) - 01-24-2006 at 01:06

 Expand#5 - rofl - Posted by: UrbanCohort (Member) - 01-24-2006 at 03:26

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 Expand#7 - Posted by: striderdm1 (Member) - 01-24-2006 at 12:00

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 Expand#9 - The zombies ROCK - Posted by: kcbrown (Member) - 01-24-2006 at 21:38

 Expand#10 - Posted by: GuestPoster (Member) - 01-28-2006 at 15:19

 Expand#11 - Zombies take too much ammo - Posted by: BadMofo666 (Member) - 02-02-2006 at 13:43

 Expand#12 - Linux - Posted by: BadMofo666 (Member) - 02-02-2006 at 16:14

 Expand#13 - Posted by: farcrychris (Member) - 02-09-2006 at 20:41

 Expand#14 - Posted by: farcrychris (Member) - 02-09-2006 at 20:42

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 Expand#18 - Posted by: uchihasasuke (Member) - 07-11-2006 at 12:14

 Expand#19 - Posted by: The_Darkness1 (Member) - 12-27-2006 at 19:00

 Expand#20 - gibbing - Posted by: doom_3_hell_knight (Member) - 11-03-2007 at 17:56

 Expand#21 - There is a NEW v1.5 of Infernal Death Orgy ! - Posted by: dafama2k7 (Member) - 11-20-2007 at 03:52

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