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Into Cerberon: Descent into DOOM 3 (0.0.2 Multiplatform)
Filename: intocerberon_0.0.2_copper.zip

Date Added:
Type / Category:
25.63 MB
0.0.2 Multiplatform
Supported Mods > Alpha Releases > Into Cerberon

Average User Rating: 9.6
Number of Votes: 10
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Into Cerberon: Descent into DOOM 3 (0.0.2 Multiplatform) - File Description  

Welcome to Into Cerberon version 0.0.2, code-named "Copper". Into Cerberon aims to bring the classic gameplay of the original 6-degrees-of-freedom game, Descent, into the high-powered realm of Doom³.

What's new:

This release ups the ante on 0.0.1 by including a brand-new map (Spectre's "ic_mine"), a functional HUD, new sound effects and music, and tons of bugfixes. Multiplayer is but may suffer in high-lag situations due to incomplete code that we hope to rectify in 0.0.2. Doom 3 1.3 required (RoE not required). This release includes binaries for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and we've even tested that Linux<->Windows play works fine!

Refer to the readme file for instructions; for bug reports or additional help please check in the
IC 0.0.2 release forums thread.

Thanks for playing Into Cerberon!

Into Cerberon: Descent into DOOM 3 (0.0.2 Multiplatform) - Screenshots  
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge

Into Cerberon: Descent into DOOM 3 (0.0.2 Multiplatform) - File Download Options  

Primary Download Locations:
Provided by:
Worldwide Mirror by FileFront
usa - USA Central USA Central

Download from Worldwide Mirror by FileFront Download Into Cerberon: Descent into DOOM 3!

Into Cerberon: Descent into DOOM 3 (0.0.2 Multiplatform) - Readme  
Readme File:
Into Cerberon: Descent into Doom³.
A total conversion mod for Doom³

**IMPORTANT**: If you are installing 0.0.2 over a 0.0.1 release, please ensure that the mod folder name is all-LOWERCASE. As in 'C:\Doom3\intocerberon', not 'C:\Doom3\Intocerberon'. This applies for Linux and Mac users as well! Failure to rename to all-lowercase could cause problems with multiplayer.

README for Version 0.0.2 'Copper', Released 2006/05/19

Fly around 3 distinct maps with functional 6DoF controls and shoot up walls and other players with lasers, the minigun, and missiles.

Pretty much anything else.

Play with Linux and Mac buddies, see your ammo and health counters, and more (see version.txt for a complete list)

As with 0.0.1, this is most definitely a 'playable test' release, and not at a level of a beta or even an alpha. There are few pickups (and they don't all work), there are only three weapons, there are no crazy death animations, shooting lava doesn't cause it to explode, the controls seize up when lag hits, the collision model is awkward, the list goes on...

However, the game *does* 'basically' work. You CAN fly around and shoot stuff, by yourself or on a multiplayer server. We decided to release 0.0.2 because we feel it's a real, tangible, and significant improvement over 0.0.1; our general strategy with IC will be to release as often as we feel we can - anytime we have several coherent, reasonably functional features ready to ship.

This release's 'coherent, reasonably functional features' are:
- 6DoF controls, including roll
- 'Pyro GX' ship model with simple black paint job
- Dual lasers firing from roughly the appropriate points on the ship model
- Concussion missiles firing from alternating left/right tubes.
- Minigun weapon
- Three maps: ic_mine, ic_whatever, and ic_pipeline.
- Basic Headlights

There are many bugs or issues in this release that we are already aware of. Before reporting a bug, please check the topic called '0.0.2 (Copper) Released!' in the Into Cerberon general discussion forum at http://www.chmodoplusr.com/IntoCerberon/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewforum&f=2


To install, simply extract this ZIP file into your Doom3 folder. A new folder called 'intocerberon' should be created with several pk4 and this readme.


To play the mod, fire up Doom3 normally and then select 'Into Cerberon 0.0.2 (Copper)' from the mods menu. When Doom3 restarts, be sure to set up your graphics, sound, and control options. Do NOT click on 'new game'; this will start the singleplayer campaign, which doesn't work. The in-game server browser works for finding other IC servers but the maplist currently doesn't show IC maps, only standard doom3 ones. To host an IC server, see 'HOSTING A SERVER', below.

A default configuration file has been included with standard WASD controls. Please note that the configuration menu has not been updated to incorporate the new IC controls. If you wish to use a different keymap, in order to play this mod properly, you will need to bind three new commands:

'_button5' for left roll
'_button6' for right roll
'_impulse41' for headlights toggle

To bind a coommand, pull down the console (press '~' in multiplayer) and type:
bind X '_button5'
where X is the key you wish to bind the control to.

The standard WASD movement keymap included uses:
bind q '_button5'
bind e '_button6'
bind f '_impulse41'

Three guns are included in 0.0.2. They are the basic lasers (weapon 1), the minigun (weapon 2), and concussion missiles (weapon 6). You will start play with all three guns and plenty of ammo for each. Only one weapon can be fired at once. There are ammo pickups for the weapons on ic_mine and ic_pipeline only.

Three maps have been included in this release; they are not present in the multiplayer menu. The maps are called 'ic_mine' (new for 0.0.2), 'ic_pipeline', 'ic_whatever'. To change to one of them, type 'map X' where X is the map you wish to switch to. The game will automatically cycle between these two maps when nextmap is called.

Be advised that this release retains a squareish 'bounding box' for the player, which means that if you are up against a wall, you may not be able to rotate. Back away from the wall to be able to turn.


The easiest way to host a server is to run a dedicated server via a shortcut. Create a shortcut like the following:

C:\Doom3\DOOM3DED.exe +set fs_game intocerberon +set si_pure 0 +si_map ic_mine +set maxplayers 5 +set si_maxplayers 5 +spawnserver

This will start a dedicated 5-player server on ic_mine. You can then fire up Doom 3 and type 'connect localhost' in the server browser to connect. Alternatively, you can start a 'listen' server with almost the same command:

C:\Doom3\DOOM3.exe +set fs_game intocerberon +set si_pure 0 +si_map ic_mine +set maxplayers 5 +set si_maxplayers 5 +spawnserver

These examples assume that you installed Doom 3 to 'C:\Doom3', of course.


The principle contributors to this release are, in no particular order:
David 'Spectre' Matera, modeller & mapper
Johan 'iceheart' Strom, lead artist
Ron 'Narfig' Elliott, sound effects and music
Brian 'NoMercy' H, artist & mapper
Tim 'HeXetic' Gokcen, programmer & team lead

The music at the main menu is 'Descent Into Doom' (C) 2006 by Ron Elliott.

'Mine' (ic_mine) was mapped by Spectre
'Pipeline' (ic_pipeline) was mapped by NoMercy
'Whatever' (ic_whatever) was mapped by iceheart

The Pyro GX was modelled by Spectre, unwrapped by iceheart, and painted by NoMercy

This mod incorporates the Bloom/Skyportal mod version 2.02 by Use_Less and SantaClaws. Shouts out to them for making Doom³ look awesome.

The 'Shield Orb' image used as part of the loading screen was created by Rake, rake AT strategyplanet.com
The 'Violent Days' skyportal image was created by Hipshot, hipshot AT zfight.com

Thanks to the rest of the official IC Team Members, in no particular order:
Ola 'Lug00ber' Gundelsby, music
Chris 'Mojo' Paine, music
Lee David 'LDAsh' Ash, modelling
David 'W3bbo' Rees, various
Ryan 'Steppo' Steppalavich, various

Thanks to our cross-platform builders & testers:
Steve 'Strider' - Mac Builder
Mark 'RedOmen' Stutzman - Linux builder & tester

If you would like to contribute to Into Cerberon, e-mail team lead HeXetic at hexetic AT hotmail.com.


'Into Cerberon' is copyright (c) 2006 the Into Cerberon team. The Into Cerberon team disclaims any responsibility for the use of this mod and gives no warranty for this modification. It didn't screw up OUR computers, so on that basis we're pretty sure it won't screw up YOUR computer, but if it does, we can not be held responsible.

DOOM 3 is copyright (C) 2004 id Software and was published by Activision. Neither id Software nor Activision are affiliated with or endorse Into Cerberon in any way.

DESCENT is copyright (C) 1996 Parallax Software and was published by Interplay. Neither Parallax Software nor Interplay are affiliated with or endorse Into Cerberon in any way, shape or form. The Into Cerberon team warrants that the work of this mod is entirely our own and no physical materials (models, sounds, graphics) in this mod were extracted from the DESCENT, DESCENT 2, or DESCENT 3 games themselves.


Into Cerberon site and forums

Moddb homepage (gallery, downloads)

For direct inquiries, contact team lead Tim 'HeXetic' Gokcen at HeXetic AT hotmail.com


Our main goal with IC 0.0.3 will be to clean up the movement and net code and to enhance the playability of the game by fixing sound and lighting issues. There may also be a new map or two. We are aiming for short release cycles, so keep an eye on the IC site for updates.

Into Cerberon: Descent into DOOM 3 (0.0.2 Multiplatform) - User Comments  
The following comments are owned by the user that posted them. Doom 3 Files is not responsible for their content.

Total comments: 9 | Last comment: 07-07-2006 at 11:13

 #1 - 05-21-2006 at 08:17
Joined: June 5th, 2005
Posts: 163
Hmm.. Seem to have problems with this download..

WinRar's giving me an 'Error: Unknow method in..'

Anyone else having problems with this download?

 #2 - 05-21-2006 at 08:25
Joined: June 5th, 2005
Posts: 163
I tried unpacking them under Linux (KDE/Ark), worked without errors.

I think WinRAR (3.0) doesn't like this archive (or at least something in it).

Can anyone confirm?

 #3 - 05-21-2006 at 08:45
From: (Sandy, UT)
Joined: December 8th, 2005
Posts: 461
WinZip doens't want to get it out for me.(I'm to cheap to spend another $30 for something im only going to use half of.) the only thing it extracts is the readme at the top, not the files in the cebertron folder. confused

Maybe this file is only for Linux, I don't know?

 #4 - ZIP file - 05-21-2006 at 11:56
From: (Toronto)
Joined: May 21st, 2006
Posts: 4
I don't know why anyone would have trouble with the archive - it's really just a standard ZIP file - but two things to try would be:

1. Try re-downloading. Maybe the download was corrupted
2. (On Windows machines) Use 7zip, an free open-source archive tool. That's what I used to make the archive. It opens RAR and other formats, too. http://www.7-zip.org/

I wouldn't be surprised if *older* versions of WinZIP couldn't open it, but anything recent should. I know most of the other IC team members use WinZIP so I would've heard if there was something truly wrong...

 #5 - 05-21-2006 at 12:22
Joined: October 9th, 2004
Posts: 865
just for the record, it unpacked fine on my mac. Great release Hexetic/team !

 #6 - 05-22-2006 at 07:08
Joined: February 26th, 2006
Posts: 552
Great mod im glad to see Descent comming back for another round.

 #7 - 05-22-2006 at 20:02
Joined: February 10th, 2006
Posts: 179
Although it sounds like there are quite a few problems, and this should be addressed when it is working better; but I have a question refering to the mod.
Would this be multiplayer only, or is a single player included in this release (with actual enemies, for I remember reading somewhere the last release had no enemies in single player)?


 #8 - MP-Only - 05-23-2006 at 06:21
From: (Toronto)
Joined: May 21st, 2006
Posts: 4
It's basically multiplayer-only. There are no singleplayer missions and no enemies save other players.

 #9 - 07-07-2006 at 11:13
From: (papendrecht)
Joined: July 7th, 2006
Posts: 2
I have installed doom3 for this...This game rocks Rock
But when i start the mod i get a load screen and my comp freezes.confused
i need this game, just as much as Beer! Beer!

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