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NightMare Mod (v0.4 Alpha)
Filename: nightmare_mod_alpha0.4.7z

Date Added:
Type / Category:
143.36 MB
v0.4 Alpha

Average User Rating: 8.6
Number of Votes: 26
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NightMare Mod (v0.4 Alpha) - File Description  

The wait is over...

Zakyrus brings us his mod that is guaranteed to get your heart pounding, and the saliva running! If you're after a download that will increase the scare-factor of your Doom III game, then look no further! This mod has been in production almost as long as Doom III has been out, and it shows, the eye-candy of the NightMare Mod is something that has to be seen...and more importantly, played to be appreciated!

"Hell beckons, to show you the way to nightmares..."

This mod comes with the following maps completed, (Zakyrus has stated that more will follow in later versions):
  • Mars City
  • Mars City Underground
  • Mars City 2
  • Administration

    Something to keep in mind while playing the NightMare Mod is that it is intended for high-end machines; The developer suggests higher then a 7800GTX (or the ATi equivalent), anything less, and you will have to turn down the settings...which will allow you to still play, but you won't get the full greatness of the mod.

    "Zakyrus NightMare Mod combined with JC_Denton's Enhanced Doom3 will rock your feeble Doom3 World!"

      Some of the features of this mod include:
      • Graphics:
        • All objects/scenery cast realtime soft-shadows
      • Gore:
        • All monster melee attacks now cause player to bleed
        • Increased size and amount of bloodsplats on surfaces
        • Enhanced blood effects, and all melee/bullet damage will create blood particles
      • Monsters:
        • Shots to monster's limbs is now reduced (aim for the chest or the head!)
        • Monsters will now hunt you down if you run away from them, instead of returning to their spawn point and standing still
        • Monsters will now wander around after the player is killed (so they don't just stand there like morons anytime you die)
      • Cinematic:
        • All cinematic with walking players have footstep sounds added, this goes for monsters as well.
      • Player:
        • Slightly increased run and walk values; increased stamina
        • No longer start with 48 bullets
      • Physics:
        • All articulated figures(ragdoll) physics now extremely realistic! Bodies fall over very realistically 98% of the time.
        • Weapon physics fixed (monsters will no longer fly 20 feet when you hit them with a pistol!)
        • Fire extinguishers now explode when damaged (watch out, they can kill you if you are too close!)
        • Popcans and coffee cups are destructible and now spray coffee/soda.
        • Explosions are now far stronger and throw everything around.
        • Electronic objects (phones, laptops, etc) are destructable and have their own particle effects.
      ...And a whole lot more!

    Aside from the normal occurrences of monsters that you will encounter, Zakyrus has also placed some random triggers that enable an unexpected monster spawn. Now monsters could appear behind you or from anywhere for that matter! To add a bit of uncertainty to your gaming experience, there are a lot more things in this mod to freak you out, like picking up an item or armour or crossing a new and evil trigger will cause a random monster spawn.

    "You guys don't have a clue what you're in for... every time I play this I'm on the edge of my seat (as it should be) and I am the author."

    This download also comes with a bonus, an English Voices Pack, which has been enhanced way beyond the original! It comes with many, many sounds mixed into them, Zakyrus has stated that it is scary as hell; This bonus is recommended, though not required.

    Even Hell has no nightmare as scary as this!

    Refer to the readme for a whole plethora of information!

  • NightMare Mod (v0.4 Alpha) - Screenshots  
    Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge

    NightMare Mod (v0.4 Alpha) - File Download Options  

    Primary Download Locations:
    Provided by:
    Worldwide Mirror by FileFront
    usa - USA Central USA Central

    Download from Worldwide Mirror by FileFront Download NightMare Mod!

    NightMare Mod (v0.4 Alpha) - Readme  
    Readme File:
    NIGHTAMRE MOD version 0.4 Alpha
    brought to you by Zakyrus

    ONLY maps Mars_City1 through Admin are "complete"... the rest will come in a later version!

    Hell beckons, to show you the way to nightmares...

    "Zakyrus Nightmare mod combined with JC_Denton's Enhanced Doom3 will rock your feeble Doom3 World!"

    This mod is dedicated to all you hardcore gamers out there who want to be scared silly.

    Anyone should not play this mod unless they have a physician's permission. Please, see your doctor before playing Doom 3 with this mod. People with anxiety, depression, paranoid schizophrenia, dimensia, megalomania (oops, too late for me! ha ha ha ha!), or multiple or all of these conditions combined should not use this mod at all. This also applies to young childeren, elderly, people with heart conditions, and pregnant women. Anyone else may play this mod at their own discretion.

    This mod is made for *really* high end systems, anything less than an 7800GTX (or ATI equivalant)
    will probably result in lots of lag... or turn down some settings. :p

    Built on:
    Motherboard: Asus SLI-Delux
    Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6000+, 3.0GHz
    Memory: 1x 2046MB RAM DDR2 800
    GPU: Pny "Verto" 8800GTX 768MB OC Edition (why settle for anything less?)
    Audio: X-fi XtremeMusic

    NOTICE: (don't you just love all these warnings in a row?)
    This credited authors for various mods are below, since it was bestowed unto me
    to be allowed to use their mods. You can use this mod to your heart's content as long as
    you give me or any materials that belongs to a specific author due credit.

    JC_Denton - thank you *very* much for letting me merge your mod into mine, you saved me dozens of hours of coding.
    I cannot thank you enough!
    dafama2k7 - Thanks for all the testing, also your interest in my has inpired me and kept me going this far. Thanks infinitly!
    pmbax - for the enhanced imp code as well as some other cool features, as well as alot of advice on Doom3World.org.
    You rule, dude!
    helborg - Enhanced Zsecs mod (though I'll probably include my major rewrite later, you still helped me learn much!)
    nitro - Never used your stuff, but learned off of your material so I put you here. Kewl stuff, man!

    Thanks to everyone at Doom3World.org who helped in any way, you ALL know who you are!

    Special Thanks:
    TheHappyFriar - for helping me with my randomize script and many other things.
    rich_is_bored - for helping me understand scripting in general and more.

    idSoftware - if you hadn't made this game, I would have nothing to build off of!

    Because of the help of everyone listed , I have been able to make Doom 3 into a nightmarish experience which all may *someday* enjoy!

    Using with other mods:

    I give 0.0% guarentess that this will work other mods. This is because there are so many things intragal to this mod.
    Such as supershotgun, new textures/lights, and sounds, etc, etc, etc. If you use another mod with this, be sure
    to check to see that you aren't replacing any files. If there are no files are to be overridden, then the mod will work
    perfectly with this one.

    Eg: Skin mods for example will work. Sound mods may conflict.

    "I am convinced they are toying with me, allowing me to stay two steps ahead of them. I can see them in the shadows sometimes..." - Simon Garlick ...May you rest in pieces(and Hell!)

    Includes--(there are SOOOO many more features that aren't even listed here)

    All cinematics with walking players have footstep sounds added, this goes for monters also.

    ( monsters that use guns(eg: shotgun_zombie) also have these FX )
    Bulletholes scaled depending on weapon used
    Particle effects added to weapons(ex: sparks, cardboard shreds)
    Tracers effects added to all bullet-weapons
    Decals for materials (eg: bullethole_wood)
    Weapons have enhanced muzzleflash effects
    Enhanced smoking burns for plasma, bfg, bullet holes, etc
    Fists no longer emmit blood (time to get real, it's a FIST!) ("bruise" decals coming soon!)
    Enhanced all explosion, plasma, & BFG effects (added sparks/debris, warping to plasma, shaking for explosions, & MUCH more)
    More special effects cause the screen to shake (explosions, gunshots, rubble, damage, and more)
    Ejected brass now emits smoke particles
    Demon teleport burnmarks stay forever (only the black/burn part stays, the glow still fades away!! looks kickass!)
    All explosion effects now 10-times better looking with fire trails & smoke

    All monster melee attacks now cause player to bleed
    Increased size and amount of bloodsplats on surfaces
    Enhanced blood effects, and all melee/bullet damage creates blood particles

    Graphics (Misc):
    All objects/scenery cast realtime soft-shadows (How f***ing awesome!)

    Shields dropped by zsec_sheilds will give you 50 armor when picked up

    New light textures such as newalphagrate1_1 and grate9sqr have been integrated into maps to mention a few.
    BFGs now light up the place like an x-mas tree!
    All flicker lights, fire lights, explosion lights enhanced
    Hellknights plasma is now green (yay! just like the glory days of DooM!)

    ALL materials have a surface type (used for walk_sounds, particle effects and bullet_decals depending on type)
    ~Hell's sky moves faster to give more of a void-like feel (don't get vertigo now!)

    Shots to monster's limbs is now reduced (aim for the chest or the head!)
    Monsters will now hunt you down if you run away from them, instead of returning to their spawn point and standing still
    Monsters will now wander after the player is killed (so they don't just stand there like morons anytime you die)
    Monsters stats(life and stuff) have been reblanced to have more of a classic DooM feel while still keeping a "fiece" combat feeling.
    Monsters skills like Imp_leap are even scarier and slightly harder to avoid
    Monsters have been tweaked to be for classicalness:
    ~Zombies: more life, more damge, bite attack added(drains health and player cannot move until attack is over!),
    zombies respawn(20%,40%,60%, or 80% chance depending on skill level), only head damage hurts. They are waaaay scarier now!
    ~Z-Sec: Better AI, fire rates fixed, weapon damage improved, maneuverability enhanced,-- SOON these guys will have better AI than they guys in F.E.A.R.!

    Imps: Moverate is faster, now "stalks" the player, Jump attacks are harder to dodge and much scarier, deadly if cornered.
    Imps have some anims enhanced(used some of crawling imp jump anims for the regular imp) and it looks like a damn velociraptor is leaping at you!

    Maggots: Scary as f***, will jump from VERY far away. But have much less life.
    Cherubs: Will jump much higher. (No longer say "MAMA!", annoyance replaced with a WAAAAAAAAAAAY better sound)
    Lost Souls: now behave simular to classic DooM Lost Souls
    ~Cacodemons: more life, move slower, slower but stronger plasma-balls
    ~Revenants: more life, faster mov, Rockets: slower-turning, faster-moving & more damaging
    ~Mancubii: wider fireball spread, slightly slower fireballs, faster moverate
    Arch-Vile: flamewall attack removed, uses pyrokinesis instead (acts just like Doom ][ Viles, except this can still summon! Very dangerous!!)
    ~Hellknights: move faster, stonger plasma, deadly melee attacks, green plasma (burning/glowing eyes and horns coming soon!)
    Also, they throw imps and zombies at you!
    ADDED BARONS OF HELL -- like HK's but way stronger and new sound effects!
    ~Cyberdemon is now like the original (fires continuous rockets, moves a little faster, and can be damaged by all weapons)

    Fixed a bug in Mark T. Caseon's PDA

    Slightly increased run and walk values; inscreased stamina
    No longer start with 48 bullets (Why did you start with those at the beginning before you even get a gun?)

    All articulated figures(ragdoll) physics now extremely realistic! Bodies fall over very realisitcally 98% of the time. (still glitches sometimes, but much better)
    Moveable objects physics have been tweaked (before, some objects like cones would un-realistically fly all over the place)
    Weapon physics fixed (monsters will no longer fly 20 feet when you hit them with a pistol!)
    Fire extingueshers now explode when damaged (watch out, they can kill you if you are too close!)
    Popcans and coffee cups are destructable and now spray coffee/soda (thirsty burst sodacans coming soon!)
    Explosions are now far stronger and throw everything around (waaaay f***ing awesome!)
    Electronic objects(phones,laptops,etc) are destructable and have their own particle effects(later add damaged skins)

    Player footstep sounds for surfaces added and MEGA-ENHANCED
    Enhanced monster sounds added for ALL monsters
    New weapons sounds added for ALL weapons
    Weapon_hit sounds for surfaces added to weapons ( monsters that use guns also have this )
    Imps use chatter sounds instead of screaming everytime they throw a fireball (hurray! another annoyance is gone!)
    Moveable object/collision sounds are enhanced
    Used chainsaw "hit" sound for all materials except metal and flesh (it seemed way off hitting a box & hearing metal_hit)

    Weapons stats have been reblanced to have more of a classic DooM feel (close to perfect) 5 SG shots = 1 cacodemon death
    Grenade - Reduced bounciness and are now destructable (careful now, monsters can shoot at your grenades!)

    Dentons's 2.0 Enhancement mod

    ALL materials have own surftypes!
    ~now even electric materials such as power boxes or cosoles have special FX
    (Shoot up a computer console and watch the fireworks!)

    Enhanced Particle System:
    I used JC_Dentons Particles in addition to some new custom systems I have made.
    Now there's electric_fry (when you shoot electronic textures!)

    ** Particle systems are somethings I really like, so I will be adding my "Ultra-Insane Particle Mod" (not finished yet, but is really awesome so far) I will hopefully also be able to add "soft particles" in a later version (so you don't see those damn edges!)

    In this version ONLY maps Mars_City through Admin are "complete"... the rest will come in a later version!

    HDR and Fake Radiosity:
    Increased the scale of lighting/added fake radiosity to all lights in maps
    (tedious I know!) Fake radiosity is where extra lights are added to compliment
    the ones already there... just look at the darn screenshots to see what I mean!
    ~This makes everything more lit up, filling up the extra blackness with
    light... one good thing thou...
    with everything more visually appealing and lit, everything is actually
    scarier! Why? Since the lights themselves are scaled,
    the monsters now have MUCH better looking highlights/shading that are
    better than ever before!
    Also, if you like darkness, you can just turn down the brightness/gamma a
    lower setting. ...Even in the dark, the scaled lights still make everything
    scarier, a two for one deal that can't be topped! (Mod of the Year, please? ha ha. Just kidding..)

    Suggested settings:
    r_gamma & r_brightness should ALWAYS be less than 1.3 for optimal results
    r_lightscale 1 (Should NEVER be above 1.3 with this mod or the lights will look like crap,
    I highly recommend leaving this at 1.0)

    Monster Encounters
    Besides the monsters that are normally in the maps, I have added new triggers
    that enable a random monster trigger. Monsters could appear behind you or
    from anywhere for that matter!
    Also alot more things like picking up an item or armour or crossing a new and evil random
    tigger will cause a random monster spawn.

    When these spawns occur, a monster is instanly spawned usually into a nearby room (so you don't
    know it's coming!), I rarely used monsters that instanly teleport into the room you
    are in (I wanted this to be unique from other random monther systems). Sometimes what
    may occur is there are two triggers. One for making an imp drop down from a vent infront of
    you. The second makes that same imp instead jump from around the corner behind you.
    When you are playing the map, the trigger instantly chooses which imp scenario to create.
    Also, for you weenies out there, quicksaving doesn't help as these events are generated
    instantaneously! You know you will be attacked by an imp for sure, you just don't know
    which of the random ways it will happen! Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    By the way, only Veteran is heavily tested. Don't be surprised if you average a level with less than
    30 health. (and yes all health packs are still there). I played and tested these levels dozens of times, and
    I still get owned almost every time! Ha ha ha ha ha!



    English_VO pak:
    Optional is the English VO pack, titled "pak666.pk4"
    This pack is not required and is seperate for convenience to those who wish to not
    use it. However, the English voice files have MANY, MANY enhanced sounds mixed into them
    so it's recommened(though not required) that you play with it.

    The Combat_Chatter sounds for MC_Underground and Mars_City2 are out of this world! There
    are shattering glass, various gunfire, explosions, marine death, and monster death sounds
    mixed in as well as people shouting orders and massive chaos! Much better than my previous
    generation ones!

    Enjoy the restoration of the nightmarish experience of this DEMO of "Zakyrus Nightmare Mod"!
    Though this version is NOTHING compared to the final! Next update (version 0.666) will have the rest
    of the maps finished with faked radiosity & random monsters. Updates after that will be all other enhancements
    such as destructable environent, etc, etc and everything else on this list.

    ...until next time...
    ~Zakyrus (aka J. Jensen)

    P.S. Feature suggestions will probably be ignored, unless it's something really cool or practical.
    ~Beware, I barely get time to answer my email as I don't have internet currently (sux)



    Super intelligent AI & option to have "auto-adjusting difficulty" (increments of g_skill such as 1.2, 1.3, etc)
    Enemies will also learn off the players style and will attack in groups if multiple monsters of the same type are together

    Articulated Figures:
    Soon, I will have AFs that will actually fall over correctly (like they would in real life) mass, volume, and density will be taken into account for each invidual limb. (Let's see if I can make better AF physics than that F.E.A.R. game)

    Blood n Gore:
    + My Ultra-Real Blood n Gore system
    Blood that sprays on walls/models drips downward

    Blood that oozes on floors dries after a few minutes(also can be smeared when wet), can make bloody footprints(that also dry and can be smeared)

    Corpses of everything except bigger-sized demons stay (with a simple g_gib command)
    Violence option implemented (add seta g_violencelevel "1" in your autoexec.cfg file)
    {Having this turned on will make monsters ooze a puddle of blood and twitch when they die.}
    {blood oozes after 3-6 secs, twitch occurs for 4-8 secs with random tapering intensity)

    All my SDK enhancemnts added --too much to list here, basics are:
    burn_lights, debris_lights, infinite debris time, etc, etc, etc.

    All maps finished! (and current ones even more enhanced!)

    +More monster triggers (EVERY monster event should have 5 or 6 random possibilites instead of 2 to 4)

    Soda machines, Circuit breaker boxes, monitors, more fire extiqueshers, more
    airtanks/barrels, more breabkable objects such as pillbottles, binders, and
    much, much more! Most places that have explosives have cardboard boxes that explode
    aswell.* (*ability to explode with flaming shreds because of explosion coming soon!)

    Also! More hazards such as exploding pipes that shoot fire or emit steam!

    +Destructable environment (EVERYTHING DESTRUCTABLE)
    + Example: Be able to go into a bathroom and litteraly lay waste to the place. Tiled walls should fragment into peices, with pipes behind them, pipes should be destrutable and spray water. Every type of bathroom decoration (toilets, sinks, etc) will have destructable FX & debris. (this is just bathrooms alone)

    +Enhanced AI paths so monsters can climb over/drop off anything!
    (If you jump down a balcony or over a railing, you better believe that imp will follow you down no matter what!)
    (If a trite/imp/etc is on a first floor, it will climb up the walls to get you)



    Virtual Reality Hardware: (I hope to add this soon for all you fellow "deckers" out there!)
    Z800 Virtual Headset headtracking support
    Stereo3D support (must tweak fragent prgrams like heathaze.vfp so they work in stereo3d)
    seperate aim and gun tracking for those with multiple inputs/or VR hardware
    (So where you are looking and where you shoot are two seperate inputs, this is totally kickass!)

    32 surface types (ex: heavy_metal, light_metal1, light_metal2, electric1, electric2, lava, cloth, paper, cardboard, tile, etc, etc) ...each with unique particles and sound effects!!

    Smooth models (then ultra-shdadows for models will look good!)
    Every model breakable (dismemberment for human/zombies)
    My "Ultra Quality Textures Mod" (also unfinished but getting there!)

    liquid physics (containter/liquid ratio, container wound_size, liquid_viscosity and more!)
    breakable phyiscs
    super debris physics (debris lights, burn_lights, debris_stay (need LOTS of ram for all those "tile parts"!)
    (maybe also integrate Agea "Physics card" hardware support?)

    Renderer stuff: (have to wait for renderer SDK for this stuff ...f**k! :( )
    volumetric fog, fire, and smoke >:)
    subsurface scattering
    raytracing? (maybe when 32/64GB video cards are out the engine could handle it)

    NightMare Mod (v0.4 Alpha) - User Comments  
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     Expand#5 - Zakyrus the Omega, amazing mod !!! - Posted by: dafama2k7 (Member) - 10-21-2007 at 22:33

     Expand#6 - As to the sounds, what can i say, they are scary as hell !!! - Posted by: dafama2k7 (Member) - 10-21-2007 at 22:36

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