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UAC Franchise 666 (Rebuild 2007)
Filename: uac_franchise_666_rebuild_2007l.zip

Date Added:
Type / Category:
22.42 MB
Rebuild 2007
Mods > Single Player

Average User Rating: 7.1
Number of Votes: 22
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UAC Franchise 666 (Rebuild 2007) - File Description  

Even though the previous version was labled Final, the developer felt that a little more work needed to be done with it...wich is why this download is here now. This is the 'Rebuild 2007' version of this super popular single-player map by iwantmore, which has been expanded in most of the areas, and has seen all four of the maps reworked. This release is much smoother, with all the details and bugs worked out; Although the developer has stated that this is the final version of this mod, it is also the most enjoyable! Once you fire up this download, you'll see that the idea behind this mod is a solid one: The UAC has issued a warning of attacks from an unknown alien race to it's smaller franchise facilities on mars. It's your job marine to investigate and eliminate all threats to the UAC franchise #666.

UAC Franchise 666 is this developers first attempt at making any kind of a map, let alone a complete expansion pack. The challenge is present, as well as the scare factor; This is surprisingly a high quality map, that will exercise your brain as well as your trigger finger! The story behind this map is not a unique one, as you are a highly decorated combat tested marine, who just happens to have a problem with authority. Your last mission went badly because of the dumb-ass, green-horn, college-boy desk-jockey Lieutenant that was in charge of your last mission. Your whole squad was KIA during the mission, and you barely made it out alive...

As this is a great line, I think I'll re-use it on this version...
If you think you have what it takes to see this mission through, then step up and start your download now, if not, you may be able to find something a little less difficult...perhaps Pokemon?

Refer to the readme for complete information on this mod, including feedback from people that have played this already.

UAC Franchise 666 (Rebuild 2007) - Screenshots  
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge

UAC Franchise 666 (Rebuild 2007) - File Download Options  

Primary Download Locations:
Provided by:
Worldwide Mirror by FileFront
usa - USA Central USA Central

Download from Worldwide Mirror by FileFront Download UAC Franchise 666!

UAC Franchise 666 (Rebuild 2007) - Readme  
Readme File:

This is a single player map set for Doom3 (4 maps) with update patch 1.3.1.
My nickname is iwantmore on both doom3world.org and doom3.filefront.com
My web site is http://toolman66442.angelfire.com/
Contact me at iwantmore at hotmail dot com


666ReadMe.txt (this Read Me file)


1. Unzip the zip file (666.zip) into your base folder or into a temp file. If unzipping into a temp file then continue with step 2., if unzipping to your base folder, skip step 2.

2. Copy the .pk4 file (666.pk4) to your base folder,
c:\program files\doom3\base (or where ever your base file is installed)

To run game:
Start Doom3, at the menu screen type (Ctrl+Alt+~) to get the console.
In the console, type: map 6661,
hit enter.

Main project:

UAC Franchise 666, final rebuild (22 MB)
4 maps are included in this expansion pack.
The screenshots and 666.pk4 (666.zip) are on my web site.

Primary Download site: (USA)

UAC Franchise 666 is now hosted on Doom3maps/Quake4maps.org
Here is the link to the download page: (Germany)

Small maps and updates
Latest update: 05 Aug. 2007
Toolman's Doom3 website: http://members.cox.net/toolman66441

Toolman's Update Page:
Update patches for maps in "UAC Franchise 666".


First let me say thanks to every one in Doom3world.org, a great forum community! This is my first attempt at mapping of any kind. I've read most of the tutorials and learned a lot here. I still have a looooong way to go! I made this map for my own enjoyment and to see if I could learn how to do it. It started off as one big map, but my computer could not keep up so I had to break it down into about 4 levels. (My computer: P4- 2.6, 1024 ram, Geforce 7800 GS)


The UAC has issued a warning of attacks from an unknown alien race to it's smaller franchise facilities on mars. It's your job marine to investigate and eliminate all threats to the UAC franchise #666. Good luck and God speed marine!


This has been my first attempt at mapping for any game, much less creating a whole expansion pack. I'm learning as I go, and have had a blast learning all I can about the Doom 3 engine. I am a Doom fan from way back in the pentium 120 days. I would like to hear your ideas and opinions, rants and raves, about my expansion pack. All maps where created with the vanilla Doom3 editor. The PC I used to create this is a:
P-4, 2.6, with 512 ram, Gforce ti 4400 128 vid. card, 40 gig hd., 17 inch monitor at 1024 X 768 res., win XP home.
Thanks to all the gods of the doom3world forum, for this would not be possible without them.


You are a highly decorated, combat tested marine, who just happens to have a problem with authority. (Hard to believe, I know...)

Your last mission went badly because of the dumb-ass, green-horn, college-boy, desk-jocky lieutenant who was in charge of your last mission. Your whole squad was KIA during the mission, and you barely made it out alive.

You vowed to get revenge on that snot nosed piece of crap lieutenant, just as soon as you returned to marine HQ. Some one had to pay for the death of your squad.

Your punishment for punching out the lieutenant, after you returned to base, was a choice between the stockade, or volunteering for a mars mission that nobody has ever returned from.

The UAC was conducting secret research on mars and the small franchise 666 facility was the end of the line for tired old dogs of war like you. You decided, "screw these bastards, I'll take as many of them out as I can. I'd rather go out fighting, get busy living or get busy dying and it's a good day to die!

Your first day at the franchise 666 facility was full of filling out paperwork and getting through Main Processing. After a short look around the place you think "This may not be such a bad place for an old war dog like me after all..."


Thanks to Voldemort for letting me use his exploding microwave (in my first map) and exploding fire extinguisher ideas.
Thanks to Zakyrus for his particle effect on the exploding fire extinguisher.
Thanks to all the rest of Doom3World.org Forum and the great bunch of folks who spent the time to help out.


I'm looking for anything you care to comment on really. I've had a blast learning how to map for DOOM3. After seeing some of the great maps and mods posted here I almost did'ent post my map, but I figgured "hey, why not". I've been having my son be the beta tester until now, he's good at finding all my mistakes LOL. Enjoy, and every one keep up the good work!

Tetzlaff wrote:

I played it through now. The battle in that maze-like CPU section was quite entertaining, and the shooting range was hilarious :)
The end battle was also fun, but it stretched out at the end because I had to actively search for monsters to feed the Soulcube.

Chapel wrote:

I really don't mean to be one of those guys, but why do I need security clearence to get into the bathroom? Think about it in terms of how the base would run if Hell hadn't broken loose. Generally I find that maps that started out as working areas and then were ruined have more character to them.
I know it was your first set of maps. I enjoyed them for action maps, but personally I like the fear based maps better. Hopefully you have learned a lot from 666. Good job.

vinnie_jones wrote:

i played thru this recently, didnt have any real "where-to-go" problems :) well except for one thing, the transporter room to the left killed me
because i didnt see the shunt to shut down the poison haha, spent like 20 mins looking for it and then its right to the entrance ^^
Overall a very nice 4mapset, well worth a dl imo :D

I would appreciate any feedback you may have.

thanks.... Enjoy the game!

Usage Restrictions:

You may use and copy any part of UAC Franchise 666 for personal use, as long as you give me written credit on your readme note included with your project.
If you would like to use UAC Franchise 666 for comercial use, you must contact me and get permission first.

To contact me (Tim):

iwantmore at hotmail dot com

UAC Franchise 666 (Rebuild 2007) - User Comments  
The following comments are owned by the user that posted them. Doom 3 Files is not responsible for their content.

Total comments: 14 | Last comment: 08-08-2008 at 18:00

 #1 - Great, Iwantmore ! - 10-08-2007 at 22:10
From: (Salt (Girona))
Joined: September 28th, 2006
Posts: 3128
I like it very much this sp maps and enjoyed playing it, downloading now !!! smile

 #2 - Info for users of the last & 2k7 Rebuilt UAC Franchise 666 version ! - 10-08-2007 at 23:02
From: (Salt (Girona))
Joined: September 28th, 2006
Posts: 3128
The new sp maps are all included on 666.pk4 so if you overwrited the old Final version you have to remove the 6662.pk4 file, because contains older files that now are included in the 666.pk4 file also.

So, what have to be removed ?

Only the 6662.pk4 file that is into this sp map folder.

I hope this helps.

 #3 - Remove old files first. - 10-09-2007 at 08:39
From: (Kansas)
Joined: October 6th, 2007
Posts: 3
Thanks dafama2k7,
for the reminder to remove the old files first.

That little detail had slipped by me. Glad you enjoyed the game.

Yes, this "Rebuild 2007" version has all the latest updated and reworked files and maps included in it. You don't need any of the older update patches now.

Please let me know how you all like / or dislike this latest version. All feedback is welcome.

 #4 - Iwantmore sp maps like this !!! - 10-09-2007 at 09:25
From: (Salt (Girona))
Joined: September 28th, 2006
Posts: 3128
Thank you, i admire all your work, and i hope you do more sp maps when you can !!!

When i have time i will replay this latest maps and i will comment it, great ! smile

 #5 - 10-09-2007 at 09:28
Joined: July 2nd, 2006
Posts: 9
Brilliant. Just brilliant.


 #6 - superb - 10-09-2007 at 15:10
Joined: February 15th, 2005
Posts: 771
just as the brilliant vinnie_jones said, this IS very well
worth downloading, great maps and fun to play ! =)
And yes the updated versions makes my computer lags less smile

 #7 - 10-12-2007 at 17:24
Joined: July 13th, 2007
Posts: 325
Awesome Rock 10/10 Two Thumbs Up! good job.

 #8 - erm...... - 11-12-2007 at 17:04
From: (Spokane)
Joined: January 22nd, 2006
Posts: 90
I seem to be unable to climb ANY of the ladders in the second part. The only I can climb up or down any of them is to use NOCLIP. Anyone else encountering this.

 #9 - 11-12-2007 at 17:05
From: (Spokane)
Joined: January 22nd, 2006
Posts: 90
Oh ya and I forgot.... 10/10

 #10 - wow gold - 11-14-2007 at 17:26
Joined: November 6th, 2007
Posts: 21
rolex replica

 #11 - 11-17-2007 at 05:02
Joined: August 3rd, 2007
Posts: 116
man this is some serious s***

i lucv this map.... it is the bomb............ its got everything, its like Doom 3 remade..... this map has got the scare factor, fun factor and cool factor lol......... especially the part where there is a door with sings on it ( the fourth picture) was the part that made me conciouse of what was about to happen next........... lol this is very very very good......one of best maps i have played and seen

 #12 - 11-26-2007 at 13:25
Joined: August 10th, 2004
Posts: 26
Really enjoyed the wheel of fortune in the shooting range near the end of the mod.Still cannot kill the cyberdemon though :@

 #13 - 03-01-2008 at 17:54
From: (bawbag lane)
Joined: March 1st, 2008
Posts: 1

 #14 - average - 08-08-2008 at 18:00
From: (Hannover)
Joined: June 6th, 2006
Posts: 54
tons (and I mean tons, even for BFG) of ammo remove any challenge; the maps are so cramped it's annoying while runing slow at the same time. 4/10

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